I’m addicted to other people’s talent

Growing a nibnut app infographic

Growing a nibnut app infographic

A few months ago, I posted about how hiring experts make all the difference in the world. That was for my nibnut logo. Well, I have again asked for help from more talented people than me, and I again am floored by how much greater their work is to mine.

Working with the most excellent RedBrick Rooster (RBR) folks, we all agreed that an infographic would go a long way in explaining not only what I do for people, but more importantly, how I do it. In this day and age, most of us don’t have the luxury of being all alone even in our little niche. So one of the criteria clients use to hire me over one of my peers is the how: how do I treat them? What’s the process we’ll go through together to get them the app they desire? How will I support them after the application’s delivered and paid for?

At first I tried a few online tools for generating infographics. I figured, like a lot of times, I could definitely do this – especially since there’s a bunch of infographic building tools out there that cater to non-designers like me. Don’t get me wrong, I found some very nice tools, that were nicely made, and powerful. But they just showed me, once more, that off the shelf can only ever go so far. I could generate decent infographics, that looked professional, but… They looked like a bunch of other infographics out there. I’m not a designer, so generating custom shapes, or images for my infographic was out of the question. I had to rely on the available library of images and assets.

Back to RBR I went, (I didn’t even dare show them what I had done so bland it seemed to me) and asked them to please save me from myself and do it for me. Well… Not only did they package it all up in a super nice, professional-looking infographic, they also worked on the actual content and the wording, so that it became this nice, tight, to the point yet easy to digest work of art! Tell me this is not the sweetest looking infographic you’ve ever seen for an app maker!

And so, I have to admit, I am becoming addicted to other people’s talent… I still have urges to DYI it, but more and more, I keep that for building stuff out of wood, at home, in private. (Hello crooked spice shelf!) But for my business in particular, I will now definitely defer to masters in areas I am not an expert in.

Cheers to the experts!

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  • Roger July 28, 2016

    Ouais un très bon travail et je comprends tes urgences

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