Grow out of that spreadsheet

Excel has got to be the most abused application in the short history of computer science. I have seen it used as a crude database. As a text editor. As an application builder. You’ve done it, you know you have. Is it time to grow out of your spreadsheet and get something more custom-fit?

I messed-up: 4 lessons I learned about time estimates.

I am not someone who easily admits I’m wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m often wrong. I just don’t admit it. Especially when it comes to my area of expertise. So this post is particularly hard for me to do. Inspired by the work of Brené Brown on vulnerability, I write this because never admitting you are wrong is 

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A fresh take on ordering translation services [App Feature Scribble]

A while back, I was watching a documentary on the Château de Chambord. They were looking at its very special and complex architecture trying to find hints of Leonardo da Vinci’s involvement, and so I got to see the master’s notebooks again. I’ve always been fascinated by da Vinci’s notebooks, full of scribbles and sketches, sometimes even one on 

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Empathy in software

When I started programming, I was lucky to be mentored by an extremely bright fellow. He had developed this powerful database application for the company where we worked, that allowed our coworkers to do their job organizing trade shows and conferences. This included anything from managing ticket purchases all the way to hotel reservations. (this is 

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